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Prior to installing any adaptive driving equipment, R&J Mobility requires documentation that the equipment is appropriate for your needs. You may provide a properly restricted current driver license, have experience operating the equipment being installed, or there are several Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists available in Oregon that can complete an assessment report that reflects your current functional and medical status and includes specifications for equipment, modifications, and training. We sincerely apologize if these requirements may cost additional funds. R&J Mobility must ensure the safety of the driver and proper installation by following industry standards. Watch this video to see each step of the assessment report process... CERTIFIED DRIVER REHABILITATION SPECIALISTS IN OREGON: Jim M. Ilg, CDRS, J K Adaptations 910 Player Drive North Keizer, Oregon 97303 503-302-4919 Jamie Stevenson, OTR/L, Salem Hospital 2561 Center St NE PO Box 14001 Salem, Oregon 97309 503-561-1477

We offer custom RV conversions to suit your needs.

  • Coach Lift
  • SuperArm Lift
  • BraunAbility Lifts
  • VMI/Ricon Lifts

RV Conversions give you the freedom to travel in comfort while on the road. Whether you select a luxury RV motorhome, a camper RV, or a bus RV, choose conversion options that provide the convenience and accessibility of a home away from home. Recreation vehicles (RVs) come in all shapes and sizes giving many personal customization options beyond mobility needs.

Recreational vehicles are designed for cargo, comfort and travel time while carrying along any necessary gear for camping, beach trips and enjoying drives from San Diego to Portland on the Pacific Coast Highway. Converting a bus or camper RV starts with having an RV that meets your basic comfort and length standards. The conversion comes after the basics are met.

RV Conversion Basics

Before you convert an RV, establish a budget and then break that

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There is no greater honor than serving your country. At R&J Mobility Service, we are proud to help veterans who have served and protected us, and who returned home with a disability that has affected their mobility.
As you age, you may not be able to get around as easily, but that doesn’t mean you should endure restrictions to your mobility. We believe you don’t have to live a limited life, and mobility scooters play a large role in increased freedom of movement.
There’s always a reason to travel: road trips on long weekends, camping excursions or visiting family. You can be mobile all year long using a wheelchair accessible van, but a wet, snowy winter could pose problems for your vehicle.
Some people think it’s inevitable your mobility will decrease with age, but we disagree. We believe you can be mobile at home, in the car and on the road at every age.
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