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The weather is finally getting nicer! Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, how are you going to spend it? With the current travel restrictions, many people have a pretty big case of “cabin fever”. As the restrictions begin to lift, we are sure that you’ll be soaking up as much sun as you can and spending time with the people you love! As amazing as a vacation sounds after this last year, being on a budget might make that impossible. However, there are many inexpensive or free ways to fill your days with excitement! Here are a few ideas to get you out and about in the nice weather:

Picnics: Picnics in the park are a great way to have a great and affordable time with your family and friends. Many parks are easily accessible for those in wheelchairs, so pack your favorite snacks and enjoy the outdoors. Some local parks [...]

Thirty years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law, but the needs of people with mobility disabilities continue to be overlooked and unheard. According to a recent study by BraunAbility, nearly half of people with disabilities still feel excluded from community participation because of their mobility impairment.

Most people can agree, 2020 was a year like no other. After having experienced restricted mobility and isolation under shelter-in-place orders, the same study showed nearly 70 percent of the general population expressed having a greater willingness to understand and accommodate others who experience isolation or challenges because of a mobility impairment.

This is where R&J Mobility Service comes in. We are here to help you live your life with no limits! We have multiple products, from scooters to wheelchair accessible vans and even mobility aids to keep you living a great life.

Our customers come from many different backgrounds, including those who have [...]

People with mobility challenges come from many different walks of life, from the young to the elderly, and from illness to injury. Unfortunately, injury is something that befalls many men and women in the military, which can result in a need for mobility assistance. One such senior veteran, David, suffered injuries during his Service that made it difficult, or even impossible, to get out and do the things he loved because walking caused so much pain.

David wanted to find a scooter so he could regain some of his independence and have easier mobility. He worked with his local Veteran’s Affairs (VA) office and was referred to R&J Mobility Service. David visited the store in search of the perfect scooter. He was able to try out over fifteen different models on the showroom floor and was assisted by staff on how to use each one. After a few visits, the staff and the VA helped [...]

The Holiday season is hyped up to be a magical time of joy, but it can be a little more challenging for those with mobility needs to enjoy some activities. And for aging adults who depend on family caregivers, senior care providers and a wheelchair, the holiday season can bring loneliness and depression… but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are many fun holiday activities that are accessible to everyone, no matter their mobility challenges or age.

Here are 7 accessible Christmas activities for everyone to enjoy:

1. Decorate the Mobility Equipment: Depending on the situation, decorating the tree might be challenging. So decorate a wheelchair or scooter! You can use tinsel, ornaments, paper snowflakes and even lights to make the equipment festive and fun. This way, the holiday spirit is mobile too! Just be sure to leave wheels and controls clear so that the equipment remains functional and safe to [...]

Injuries and mobility issues sometimes require you to use a mobility aid to maintain your independence and get where you need to go safely. Knee scooters offer more freedom of movement for people suffering with below the knee injuries or mobility issues while supporting the leg in non-weight bearing position. This design allows the injured leg to remain elevated and avoids placing weight on the foot which could hinder the healing process.

Using a knee scooter, rather than crutches or a wheelchair, allows people to enjoy greater mobility and continue to live their daily lives with fewer limitations. Knee walkers require less upper body strength than crutches and wheelchairs, they keep the user in an upright position, and are easy to use.

In fact, when comparing knee scooters to crutches, the advantages favor the scooter:

Knee Walker

  • Keeps leg in a constant non-weight bearing position
  • Requires minimal upper body strength
  • Keeps user in a natural, upright position which reduces [...]

If you’re reading this, chances are strong that either you or someone you know lives with a disability of some kind. While you may have come to R&J Mobility with the intent of purchasing, renting, or repairing mobility equipment or vehicles, there are ways in which you and the people around you can help make real change in the way in which society treats disabled people, especially in the workforce.


The self-esteem, performance, and job satisfaction of employees with disabilities are significantly affected by the attitudes of co-workers and peers. In fact, negative attitudes towards people with disabilities, in the workplace or in social circles, are some of the biggest obstacles for career advancement and general inclusion. However, it’s beneficial for companies to hire differently-abled individuals. Employing people with different abilities increases the diversity of a company, which in turn drives innovation and success.


So how can you and the people around you [...]

Unfortunately, it’s been quite the struggle for people with disabilities to get the recognition and assistance that they need and deserve. Even today, with so many new inventions and technologies, assistive technology is often overlooked. Navigating day-to-day life for many disabled individuals is already difficult as it is!

However, things are starting to improve with recent advancements in technology, from wheelchair accessible vehicles to exceptional prosthetics and better education, and now, with the help of robotics.

Advanced wheelchairs
Wheelchairs are commonly used among many disabled individuals, and they’ve come a long way since the original manual style. The invention of the electric wheelchair is a technological advancement that has helped millions of people with disabilities across the world. It has given many people better mobility and enhanced self-sufficiency.

As technologically advanced as an electric wheelchair seems, there are ways to improve it, and there are companies working to do so! With the help of [...]

The kind of wheelchair and scooter lift you should have is entirely dependent on your unique mobility needs! If you want to learn more about unoccupied wheelchairs or scooters, click here. You’ll need something a little heftier if you need a vehicle lift that will work to lift your wheelchair (or scooter) while you’re still in it!

An occupied wheelchair lift is a mechanical platform designed to raise and lower, which will allow you to enter and exit a vehicle while in your wheelchair.

There are several styles of occupied wheelchair lifts: Standard Dual-Post, Single-Post Split-Platform, Dual-Post Split-Platform and Under-Vehicle.



This lift uses two hydraulic arms and a sturdier platform to lift heavier wheelchairs. Many people rely on the dual-post wheelchair lift for its strength, dependability and stability. It does block entryway for other passengers when deployed.


Single-post Split-platform:

This lift has a platform that splits or folds when stowed to [...]

Here at R&J Mobility Service, we sell a variety of unoccupied wheelchair and scooter lifts for vehicles that are designed to enhance the lives of those challenged by limited mobility. What are they exactly? Simply put, it means that you’re not in it! These lifts make it easier to transport the wheelchair or scooter but are NOT intended or safe for lifting while occupied. If you’re looking for information on occupied scooter and wheelchair lifts, please click here.

There are two styles of unoccupied lifts: Swing-Arm Style and Platform Style.


Swing-arm Style:

This lift uses a mechanical arm secured to the vehicle. A webbing strap attaches to the scooter or wheelchair via a docking device provided by the lift manufacturer. The lift will raise and lower the unoccupied scooter or wheelchair effortlessly using an electric motor powered by the vehicle’s battery. The swinging motion may be either manual or power-assisted. You just push a button [...]

What does it mean when we say “conversion”? It means that when you find yourself in need of a mobility adapted vehicle, RJ Mobility Service can, depending on make a model, convert your current vehicle to suit your personal mobility needs. You don’t HAVE to buy an already converted vehicle.

With all the latest advances in the industry, you have many options when it comes to the type of vehicle, conversion, and wheelchair you use. In fact, the options can be overwhelming, especially when you consider how the three must fit well together and fit your unique needs. We are here to help! We can help answer all of your questions to find the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle and/or equipment that best suits your specific needs.

R&J Mobility Service offers conversions for personal use, ADA-compliant conversions for commercial use, as well as custom conversions. Custom conversions are available in a variety of configurations and on [...]

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