Mobility Assistance Programs for Veterans

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Veterans have made many sacrifices for our country and citizens, and we want to do our best to honor American veterans for their service and courage.

At R&J Mobility Service, we offer many programs to help veterans afford vehicles and other mobility products. If you are a disabled veteran, you could be eligible for as much as $49,000 toward the cost of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Additionally, if a veteran has incurred an illness or injury during active duty, they may be eligible to receive assistance to use toward the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible van.

Veterans may encounter many scenarios after returning home from active duty, and those who were injured handle additional issues. We want to make your homecoming as easy and seamless as possible. We believe everyone—especially our veterans—should have the same level of mobility, and not have their freedom of movement impeded due to an illness or injury.

The R&J Mobility Service team can help you find monetary assistance and purchase a vehicle which will provide you with better mobility. It’s our privilege to find out which grants and benefits are available to veterans. To ensure the process goes smoothly and you get all the correct information, we have a mobility consultant who specializes in helping veterans.

It’s our honor to help veterans and provide the best mobility equipment so you can reclaim the freedom of movement we all should have.

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