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People with mobility challenges come from many different walks of life, from the young to the elderly, and from illness to injury. Unfortunately, injury is something that befalls many men and women in the military, which can result in a need for mobility assistance. One such senior veteran, David, suffered injuries during his Service that made it difficult, or even impossible, to get out and do the things he loved because walking caused so much pain.

David wanted to find a scooter so he could regain some of his independence and have easier mobility. He worked with his local Veteran’s Affairs (VA) office and was referred to R&J Mobility Service. David visited the store in search of the perfect scooter. He was able to try out over fifteen different models on the showroom floor and was assisted by staff on how to use each one. After a few visits, the staff and the VA helped David make a final selection.

David had many questions, “My memory is not as good as it used to be,” he said, “they (R&J) were so helpful and patient.” He eventually decided on a scooter and is very happy with how comfortable it is and its user-friendly controls. R&J Mobility worked directly with the VA to make the process easier for David so all he really had to do was drive it out and take his new wheels for a spin.

“We like to go camping, and now (with my scooter) I’ll be able to get around and do things I love. I’ll be able to travel with my wife again as well, and she’s so happy that I’ll be able to get out and do more things.” David remarked.

The company was happy to help David find a scooter that he loves and that will give him the freedom and independence he so deserves. Since 1979, R&J Mobility Service has been a locally owned and operated business that specializes in helping veterans, seniors, and many other individuals with mobility needs overcome the barriers to freedom. R&J Mobility believes in the ability to live life without limitations and are ready to help.

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