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Why Use a Knee Scooter?

Injuries and mobility issues sometimes require you to use a mobility aid to maintain your independence and get where you need to go safely. Knee scooters offer more freedom of movement for people suffering with below the knee injuries or mobility issues while supporting the leg in non-weight bearing position. This design allows the injured leg to remain elevated and avoids placing weight on the foot which could hinder the healing process.

Using a knee scooter, rather than crutches or a wheelchair, allows people to enjoy greater mobility and continue to live their daily lives with fewer limitations. Knee walkers require less upper body strength than crutches and wheelchairs, they keep the user in an upright position, and are easy to use.

In fact, when comparing knee scooters to crutches, the advantages favor the scooter:

Knee Walker

  • Keeps leg in a constant non-weight bearing position
  • Requires minimal upper body strength
  • Keeps user in a natural, upright position which reduces back strain
  • Helps maintain balance and stability
  • Hands have more freedom of use
  • Reduces atrophy of muscles by allowing the use of both legs to balance


  • User must maintain bend and elevation by physical strength
  • Causes fatigue of arms, shoulders, hands, and injured leg
  • Results in poor posture as user hunches onto crutches
  • Requires constant balance and coordination in an unnatural stance
  • Use of hands limited to gripping crutches to keep stability

Most people find that knee scooters are easy to use, and usually more comfortable than other kinds of mobility equipment for lower leg injuries or other issues. Knee scooters allow the user to keep weight off the affected area while maintaining leg activity to reduce muscle atrophy. Those with mobility or balance issues will find that scooters are easier to use and reduce the chance of further injury. Also, seniors often have more difficulty using crutches, and knee scooters allow them more independence without sacrificing safety or comfort. If arthritis is present in one leg, using the scooter may allow the person to be out and on their feet for a longer period before feeling fatigue or pain.

Knee scooters can help you recover and can be a long-term solution for those with chronic mobility issues. Ready to rent a knee scooter? Visit our website to view our rates and book today! At R&J Mobility, we believe in living your life without limitations.

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