If you are actively independent and have the capability to drive yourself, there is the lowered floor minivan solution to consider.  Several minivans can be converted for wheelchair accessibility.   Minivans have many of the features of a full size van, with the added advantages of being smaller, having overall higher vehicle mpg and are generally easier to maneuver.

With lowered floor minivans, the floor is lowered approximately 9-14 inches, depending on the model, to allow the person who uses the wheelchair to have adequate vision out the front window.  This does mean that ground clearance can be an issue.

While there are two different entry configurations for Lowered-Floor Minivans:  Side Entry and Rear Entry, only the side-entry can be independently driven by a person seated in a wheelchair.

Please note that getting an evaluation from a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist is highly recommended.

At R&J Mobility Service, we offer lowered floor minivan conversions by the industry’s top manufacturers:

You can choose from these minivans with several different conversion options from Braun, ElDorado and VMI:





Chrysler Town & Country

Dodge Grand Caravan

Honda Odyssey


Toyota Sienna

Volkswagen Routan No

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