Crescent Industries is a small company located in central Maine. They are dedicated to providing the most advanced electronic controls for the physically disadvantaged. They are a company that cares about the client’s individual needs and we tailor each product accordingly. They are a custom shop and have a Can Do attitude!

Crescent Industries have been in business for 20 years and manufacture and service at their location. They try to help their dealers in every way as they are the key to our clients’ satisfaction. Their warranty policy is liberal to ensure customer satisfaction. Their range of products runs from the simplest relay pack to their latest product, the VoiceScan.

They have the expertise to design systems for any application.

Crescent Industries offers several options for high tech secondary driving controls:


The operation is simple:

Step 1 – Activate the scan by pushing the switch.

Step 2 – When the desired function is heard, activate the switch again and the function begins!!

Activate the switch and a voice (yours if you like) announces the functions. When the desired function is heard, activate the switch again to select the function.

VoiceScan can be programmed in either one or two channel mode. The one channel mode allows all functions to be operated from a single switch, while the two channel mode allows for two priority functions. In either mode, VoiceScan can control up to 16 functions.

VoiceScan is field programmable-it can be customized at our shop! And, like our Touch Pads and Elbow Pads, VoiceScan can be used with any vehicle function.

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Command 16

The Command 16 system builds on proven technology in adaptive driving while providing high reliability. It’s progressive modular design provides ease of installation and customization. The Command 16 consists of three components: the console, the vehicle interface, and the relay packs. The Command 16 can be configures to control any device and will fit any vehicle.

Quick and Simple Installation

Installation is simply a matter of installing the relay packs, mounting the console, and plugging the system together.


Custom and Versatile
The Command 16 can control any function in any vehicle and is back-lit for night time operation.

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Command 4

A four switch Elbow Console that contains four mechanical switches. The Command 4 can be any four functions of your choice. Common configurations are turn signals, horn and dimmer, or turn signals and wipers.

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Crescent Industries has remote controls for all lifts including:

  • Ricon
  • Crow River
  • Crow River Vangater II
  • Braun
  • I.M.S.

Remotes come standard with magnetic entry, but may be ordered with any combination of remote, magnetic entry, and front station.

Stand alone magnetic entry systems are also available for all lifts.

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Switch Box

Our Switch Boxes, like all of our products, can be used to control any function the client needs. These are custom made and the placement of the switches and size of the console can be customized as well.

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