Drive-Master Co. Inc. is the oldest Family Owned and Operated Adaptive Mobility Equipment Dealer in the United States. Their staff has over 3 generations and 280 years of combined experience. Drive-Master offers many different types of adaptive equipment and has dealers located throughout the USA and across the globe.

At R & J Mobility Service we offer several high tech driving controls from Drive-Master:

Reduced Effort Steering

Drive-Master’s Reduced Effort Steering modification boxes and steering racks are available for all American vans and most cars with factory power steering. All factory power steering units sent to Drive-Master will be modified to low or no effort and return shipped within 24 hours. Standard factory power steering requires approximately 40 ounces of effort to operate. Drive-Master’s steering modifications can reduce the required effort to 20-24 ounces (low effort) or 6-8 ounces (no effort). (These statistics will vary depending on model of car and tire size.)

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Backup Steering Systems

Emergency power assisted steering if factory power steering system fails. Test circuits are provided which enable customers to check system prior to driving. Audio and visual alarms alert driver to factory power steering failure–backup system instantaneously activates. Backup system has its own 2 quart fluid reservoir (factory steering comes with 1 1/2 pints). Does not require low or no effort steering modification. Backup steering systems for Ford full size vans now come with a fluid cooler to reduce the temperature of the operation.

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Low Effort and No Effort Braking Modifications

Standard factory power brakes require 20 foot-pounds of pressure to operate. Drive-Master’s low-effort modification reduces the required pressure to 11 foot-pounds. The no effort modification reduces the required pressure to 7 foot pounds (these statistics will vary slightly depending upon model of car or van).

Available for all American vans and most American and foreign cars with factory power brakes. Most full-sized General Motors and Chrysler (Dodge/Plymouth) cars, 1/2 ton Chevy (G10), and Dodge/Plymouth (B100) vans have heavy duty (tandem) power brakes for no effort braking modifications.

Factory power brake units sent to Drive-Master will be modified to low or no effort and return shipped within 24 hours.

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Braking Backup System

  • Provides emergency power assisted braking if power brake system fails due to engine failure or low vacuum.
  • Test circuit is included so backup system can be periodically checked by customer.
  • Audio and visual alarms alert driver to power brake system failure.
  • Automatically activated if engine vacuum drops below a satisfactory operating level.
  • Fits all American vans and most full or mid-sized cars. Does not require low or no-effort braking modification.

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Horizontal Steering System

The Drive-Master horizontal steering system is customized to meet the needs of those with high-level spinal cord injuries and all others who experience limited arm strength and range of motion. It is usually used in conjunction with AVEITL hand controls.


  • Eliminates the arm-lifting motion normally needed to steer.
  • Fully adjustable in all planes.
  • Telescopes for maximum driver adjustment and comfort.
  • Can be installed on any tilt or non-tilt steering column.
  • Does not interfere with the O.E.M. collapsible feature built into the steering column of every vehicle.
  • Optional interchangeable system allows conventional steering as well.
  • Must be used with powered gear selector, electric directional signal, remote ignition, and remote wipers, if equipped.

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