Unoccupied Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts for Vehicles

R&J Mobility Service sells a variety of unoccupied wheelchair and scooter lifts for vehicles that are designed to enhance the lives of those challenged by limited mobility. Whether you use a wheelchair or scooter, our mobility consultants can help you find the right lift for your needs. Wheelchair & scooter lifts are designed to be durable, safe, and flexible in design to accommodate a virtually-unlimited number of needs and applications for cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans.

We offer inside lifts which can be mounted inside your SUV or minivan, outside lifts that can be mounted to any vehicle equipped with a Class I, II & III trailer hitch, and hybrid lifts that combine the simplicity and ease of use of both inside and outside lifts into one convenient solution.  Because wheelchair and scooter lifts may not work in all vehicles, please consult with one of our mobility consultants before purchasing a vehicle for this type of adaptation.

These lifts are designed for unoccupied scooters or wheelchairs. If you need information on occupied scooter and wheelchair lifts, please click here.

There are two styles of unoccupied lifts: Swing-Arm Style and Platform Style.

The swing-arm style lift uses a mechanical arm secured to the vehicle. A webbing strap attaches to the scooter or wheelchair via a docking device provided by the lift manufacturer. The lift will raise and lower the unoccupied scooter or wheelchair effortlessly using an electric motor powered by the vehicle’s battery. The swinging motion may be either manual or power-assisted. You just push a button to lift the scooter or wheelchair and the arm moves it into the vehicle. Conversely, the lift will raise the scooter or wheelchair, swing it away from the vehicle and lower it to the ground for use again.

The platform-style scooter lift uses a platform to raise and lower the unoccupied scooter or wheelchair. Simply drive your scooter or wheelchair onto the platform while it sets on the ground. With the push of a button, an arm secures the scooter or wheelchair and raises the platform off the ground. Depending on the model, the platform will either remain outside the vehicle for transport or be stowed inside the vehicle. Another push of the button lowers it to the ground then releases the scooter or wheelchair. At this point, you can drive off the platform and be on your way!

At R&J Mobility Service, we offer unoccupied wheelchair and scooter lifts by some of the industry’s top manufacturers:

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