Wheelchair & Safety Restraints

R&J Mobility Service can provide you with several options if you are looking for wheelchair restraints. Wheelchair restraints (or tie-downs) are systems that are used to restrain wheelchairs and clients while being transported in vehicles.

There are three different types of restraints; Manual, Automatic (Electronic) and Occupant Restraints.

Manual Restraints –

A manual system customarily consists of 4 securement belts that attach to the vehicle and the wheelchair. Once the client positions their wheelchair, another person, attaches the belts to the floor and to the wheelchair. When the client wants to leave the vehicle the assistant must undo the belts. These systems are very universal and can be used on a large variety of wheelchairs.

Automatic (Electronic) Restraints –

An automatic system is a system in which an interface bracket is mounted to the wheelchair that corresponds to a base unit receiver on the floor of the vehicle. The client maneuvers the chair towards the base unit until the interface bracket and the base unit mate, which in turn secures the chair. These systems are equipped with electronically activated release mechanisms. No assistance is required. Not all chairs can be used in an automatic system and in most cases are set up to be client and wheelchair specific. Interchanging of wheelchairs is usually not applicable.

Occupant Restraints

All individuals riding in motor vehicles must use a lap and shoulder belt. In many cases aftermarket seatbelts are used for those riding in wheelchairs due to the needed adjustment and disassembly. Modifications may also be needed for OEM seating positions or seating positions that may be shared by disabled and able bodied individuals. Always keep in mind that seatbelts and their anchorages need to comply with FMVSS regulations. Aftermarket seatbelts should come with instructions for installation. Following their instructions properly is your path to compliance.

Special Considerations: All clients using restraint systems to secure their wheelchair and themselves need to also use lap and shoulder seatbelts. Some restraint systems come with the required belt.

At R&J Mobility Service, we offer wheelchair restraint systems by:



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